Kitchen Prescriptions is a personal chef service providing tailored meals to meet any dietary need...

  • weight loss diets
  • low cholesterol/low sodium
  • diabetic
  • vegetarian/vegan
  • food allergies
  • pregnancy/lactation
  • kosher
  • any diet you need for a healthier lifestyle!

If changing your eating habits sounds like an overwhelming task, or if you are simply too busy to cook wholesome and nutritious meals, Kitchen Prescriptions can help!

With Kitchen Rx, menus are designed and prepared by a registered dietitian as prescribed by your individual needs and tastes. This could mean anything from an individual assessment to communication with your doctor to design the best possible diet for your needs. Meals are then prepared in your home on a weekly, bimonthly, or as-needed basis. Your chef also does all the shopping at the grocery store of your choice. Finally, meals are packaged to your specifications, labeled, and either frozen or refrigerated to conveniently heat and eat when needed.

Your food is created based on your preferences or restrictions. No need to worry about:

  • ingredients
  • calories
  • portion sizes.

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